Giving customers the experience they deserve.

Patients around the country require the best products to meet their individual needs. We are committed to guaranteeing that happens.

End the status quo.

The current cannabis system is failing our communities.

Young people are easily obtaining cannabis

Profits are feeding organized crime

Canadian court systems are overburdened

Cannabis & Community

Communities can benefit from regulating dispensaries in several ways.

The Green Standard
  • Increasing local economy and jobs
  • Additional revenue
  • Better use of resources
  • Safe access to medicine

We are the Green Standard

Starbuds is committed to becoming the most trusted source for medicinal cannabis in Canada.

We are setting the highest internal standards in the industry and are driven to exceed them every single day

We are leaders in education and share our vast knowledge with those in need of medical cannabis

We work with local governments to help them safely bring medical cannabis to the citizens in their community

By setting these high standards and holding ourselves accountable to them, we are striving to become the most trusted source for medical cannabis in Canada

What it means for Suppliers.

All products in store adhere to the Starbuds expectations and standards, being examined and tested prior to being sold in store. The products are locally sourced from licensed growers who conduct product testing in accredited laboratories.

What it means for Products.

Products purchased or developed by Starbuds are tested, developed, and designed to follow Health Canada requirements for packaging and labelling. All packages are designed with customers in mind, making medicinal quantities clear and easy to understand.

What it means for Stores.

Starbuds guiding store principles, creating consistency and familiarity between locations.

All shoppers must be of legal age, or be accompanied by a guardian

All members are required to produce legal documentation

Members must show proof of diagnosis

All locations are equipped with 24-hour surveillance ensuring safety and discretion

Want to learn more?

Download the Green Standard PDF