Ensuring excellency from sourcing to you.

We’re committed to providing lab-tested, high quality products and providing stores that meet our highest standards, ensuring you experience the same quality and value every time.

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Accessing medicinal cannabis shouldn’t be intimidating, unregulated or frowned upon.

Why Cannabis?

The benefits of using Cannabis are infinite.

  • Treats depression and anxiety
  • Manage epilepsy and seizures
  • Alleviates pain and muscle spasms
  • Relieves discomfort caused by arthritis
  • Reduces the symptoms and spread of cancer

Feel like you again.

Medical cannabis can be used to relieve symptoms in cancer patients including nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and pain. As a result, individuals are able to regain a sense of wellbeing.

Regain enjoyment in the everyday

Research continues to show the positive impact CBD has on anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, PTSD, and depression among other illnesses.

Studies being conducted report patients experience a significant decrease in anxiety, resulting in individuals given back the freedom and enjoyment in everyday life.

Even with the numerous health benefits of medical cannabis, products remain highly unregulated and inaccessible.

Until now.

Why Starbuds?

Starbuds is a leading medical access centre, focused on creating a safe and accessible place for medicinal cannabis patients to purchase products.

Emphasizing education, employees are well-informed and able to answer any questions regarding cannabis products and its benefits for users.


Starbuds aims to be accessible, that’s why we ship our products to customers daily, and continue to open stores around British Columbia. Be sure to check our locations and find the closest medical access centre to you.


We are committed to improving the standardization of medical cannabis. Customers should feel confident about the products they purchase, knowing they are of the highest quality. We believe standardization in this industry is imperative for moving forward.

We’re involved from start to finish.


Starbuds continually searches for the highest quality products. All products are examined and tested making sure to meet our expectations and standards before being sold in store.


Starbuds product packaging is intentionally designed to provide patients all of the symptom, and product content information they need using a universal rating system.


Starbuds takes extra precaution when shipping products to customers. Vacuum-sealed bags are used to reduce smell and increase longevity of the contents.

The Green Standard

Providing accountability, protecting companies, communities, and customers, Starbuds is committed to upholding the standards in the industry.

The Green Standard has been created to encourage medical access centres and producers to follow along and join the movement.

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